We are hiring teachers and enrolling new students ages 2-5!

Nadia's Montessori Childcare in Chino, CA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you enrolling or do you have a wait list?

We have availability for all our classrooms except the infant room, which currently has a wait list. If you are currently pregnant, that is a perfect time to join our wait list!

At what age can my child enroll in your school?

We can accommodate infants from birth all the way up to 5th grade.

Do you accept children who are not fully potty trained?

Yes, of course! We have a classroom just for toddlers who are still being potty trained. We can help them with that! When your child goes a period of time without any accidents, it may be possible for us to move them up to a different classroom to be with children who are already potty-trained.

We also accept infants in our school, and some are only 3 months old! We change diapers regularly. When infants become toddlers, they transition from diapers to pull-ups. When they reduce the amount of accidents they have, we transition them to padded underwear (recommended) or regular underwear. If they have multiple accidents in a day, we transition them back to pullups until they are ready for underwear again. Potty training starts at home, so we encourage parents to begin this process early. Talk to your teacher about your child’s potty training progress.

Do you have a door code for safety?

Yes, all visitors must need a passcode to enter the building. All children are picked up by authorized individuals, and we require proper identification from all people we do not recognize who ask to see any children.

What kind of other safety precautions do you have in place?

We typically use some type of childproof locking system on cabinets. In the infant room we use magnetic childproof locks. We also have round surveillance mirrors, video surveillance (monitored by our school administrator), and we maintain fire drills. In the outside play area, we have foam noodles on the metal railing. And we have artificial grass covering most of the concrete outside to reduce the risk of injury. Nearly all of our classrooms have a second exit door in case of emergency.

We have foam padded carpeted areas in nearly all of our classrooms for group activities. In the infant classroom, we have extra safety precautions such as child safety buckles when eating at the table, electric outlets are double covered, and foam edges are used to cover sharp corners. In all of our classrooms, we strive to keep the bookshelves at an age-accessible height so children can reach for items without falling or things toppling on them.

What do I need to provide for my infant under the age of 2?

Every day, we will need parents to provide your own food and drinks for your children, including breakfast, lunch, snacks, milk/juice/formula/breastmilk, bottle/sippy cup, filtered water, lunch bag, and small backpack.

All foods should be pre-cooked or prepared so can warm it up (usually 30 seconds in the microwave). We do not cook food at the school.

At the beginning of every week we ask you bring a fitted crib sheet and a blanket, and we return it to you for cleaning each Friday. Please provide us with extra clothing such as shirts, shorts/pants, bibs, and onesies so we can have them available to replace soiled clothing. We strive to return your children to you each day in dry, clean clothes as often as possible.

We will need you to provide an ongoing supply of diapers and baby wipes for your child. We’ll usually let you know when you’re running low on a supply a day in advance. Please label everything with your child’s name using a permanent marker or Sharpie.

Parents who want teachers to apply diaper rash cream or ointment to their infants will need to sign a medical permission slip first. Parents who opt-in to this process will need to provide their own supplies.

What do I need to provide for my child ages 2-5?

Every day, we will need parents to provide your own food and drinks for your children, including breakfast, lunch, snacks, milk/juice, Thermos/sippy cup, filtered water, lunch bag, and comfort items.

All foods should be pre-cooked or prepared so can warm it up (usually 30 seconds in the microwave). We do not cook food at the school (we also do not cook 4 minute mac & cheese because we have many children to feed). Please bring your own spoons and forks. We are not responsible for providing these.

At the beginning of every week we ask you bring a fitted crib sheet and a blanket, and we return it to you for cleaning each Friday. It helps if you put your child’s name on the tag with a Sharpie.

If your child is not fully potty trained, please provide pullups/diapers and 5-6 extra pairs of underwear, shorts/pants, shirts, and socks.

Even if they are potty trained already, we ask you provide us with extra clothing, underwear because accidents do happen (accidental urination, spills, sitting on colored liquid). Please label everything with your child’s name using a permanent marker or Sharpie.

Please provide closed-toe shoes for safety reasons.

What do I need to provide for my child 6 and up?

If your child is already in elementary school, we provide after-school art class and/or playtime.

We ask you provide quiet snacks and drinks for them in case they are hungry after returning from their schools. Please bring your own kitchen utensils such as forks and spoons.

On Fridays only, we allow older children to bring their favorite electronics such as Nintendo Switch, tablets, and cell phones. If you bring these, please provide chargers.

How many classrooms do you have?

We have 1 Infant room, 1 Toddler rooms, 3 Pre-K rooms, 1 Kindergarten room, and 1 Elementary room.

How many bathrooms do you have?

We have 1 Toddler bathroom, 2 Pre-K bathrooms, 1 Elementary bathroom, and 1 Staff/Parents bathroom.

What does the school provide for Infants?

We have 4 cribs and 1 rolling/transportation crib used for emergency purposes only (such as fire or earthquake). We have various floor mats for naptime and playtime. We have a mini fridge, microwave, 8-person table with built-in child safety chairs to prevent falling, baby changing table, cubby area, blanket storage, clothing storage, counterspace and drawers for extra diapers, formula, art supplies, and fun books.

We have multiple shelves containing sensory “work” such as zoo animals, fun activities, baby books (numbers, colors, letters), Montessori curriculum activities such as block building, ball eye tracker, shape-in-the-hole, wooden puzzles, finger puppets, color recognition tools, dolls, balls, playsets, and so much more!

We have a relaxation corner beside a hand-painted jungle mural on the wall with flamingo, swans, frog, cheetah, lion, lamb, Venus fly trap, bluebird, parrot, and… the best part is that it is still being painted so come check it out!

Over the baby changing table we have a hand-painted island dolphin mural with seagulls, flowers, ocean, palm tree, rainbow, butterfly, mountains, and a sunset.

We also have an outdoor area for the infants beneath a sunshade so they can run safely on artificial grass and enjoy a double-gated (and even triple-gated) play area. We have foam noodles over the fencing for extra safety measures. We have several low-seat riders they can drive, but even if they can only crawl we have plenty of things they can play with.

We have so many toys and activities that we have two storage sheds for swapping things out so they don’t get bored! The kids love to use our mini-slide and use our puppet show, pretend kitchen, pretend baby nursing table, and child piano.

What does the school provide for toddlers?

We have a very unique toddler room fitted with a bathroom specifically for toddlers who want to begin potty-training. The bathroom is attached to the room for easy access so the teacher and student have immediate access to that area. The toilets are low-seated.

There is a baby changing table, a diaper cubby area, a backpack cubby area, a blanket cubby area, cupboards for materials, microwave, drinking station for children to easily access your provided drinks, a lunchbag station, several low tables with matching toddler seating, and several shelves containing Montessori curriculum materials.

We offer comfortable floor mats for playing, learning, and group activities. We provide a combination of above-floor cots and floor mats for them to sleep on, depending on their needs.

We have dozens of sensory tools, puzzles, blocks, toys, learning activities, books, bubble machine, rolling mats, color recognition toys, alphabet learning materials, colored pencils, number counting activities, and various learning tools that involve hand-eye coordination, pouring, relocating, gathering, mock-slicing, shape-matching, measuring, weighing, filling, emptying, color-matching, and so much more.

We also have a plethora of toys for playtime during daycare. The children do art projects and various hands-on projects.

Toddlers access the same outdoor sun-shaded gated area as the infants, however the toddlers and infants use the space at different timings for safety purposes. There is artificial grass for safely running and walking fast.

There is a very separate area for driving toddler-sized cars and wheeled vehicles (that we provide). There are several toys they can use including balls, animals, dolls, piano, pretend kitchen, pretend baby nursing area, puppet theater, strolling cart, and many wheeled toys.

We now have a second toddler room for children who are already potty-trained! Come take a tour of our school to see it in person!

What does the school provide for Pre-K and Kindergarten students?

Our preschool and Kindergarten rooms accommodate a majority of our students at Nadia’s Montessori Childcare.

We have multiple matching shelves containing Montessori curriculum supplies ranging from puzzles, geography-based animals, globe, puzzles by country and location, alphabet activities, connection activities, pouring, emptying, mock-slicing, weighing, measuring, counting, collecting, building, block building, insect recognition, coloring pages/colored pencils, toy sorting processes, organizational activities, art activities including with glue, and so much more. We also have age-appropriate toys for playtime.

We have a cubby area for blankets, a cubby area for lunch bags and drinks, a cubby area for extra clothes, and an additional cubby area for completed worksheets, projects, assignments, and artwork to take home.

We provide above-floor cots (that are longer than the toddler cots) for preschoolers in nap time. Kindergarten students do not typically take naps, but they are welcome to.

When it is time to go outside, these students have access to our gated outdoor space with 8 swings, balls and a basketball half-court, play house, sidewalk chalk art area, running field, tetherball court, benches, picnic tables, and an outdoor water fountain in case they get thirsty.

There is also an outdoor “car slide” they love to use and plenty of toys such as large fire trucks they can play with.

What does the school provide elementary students?

We provide free transportation for elementary students attending Rhodes or Dickson Elementary schools. We provide drop-off from our school to those schools in the morning. We also provide pick-up from those schools to our school in the afternoon.

In the afternoon when they come to Nadia’s Montessori Childcare, we have an After School Art Program for elementary students.

Our art class contains a flat screen tv that is connected to the teacher’s computer so all students can see the screen. Our Art teacher has a digital tablet for drawing in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and various other art drawing programs such as Autodesk Sketchbook Pro so children can learn how to draw. We also show YouTube illustration tutorials and ask the children to follow along and try to replicate what they see.

We have pencils (including 9H-14B sketching pencils), colored pencils, mechanical pencils, twistable colored pencils, stacking refillable pencils, large and small dry erase boards with dry erase colored markers, various coloring pens, broad markers, fine tip markers, chalk and mini chalk boards, crayons, paint, white and colored paper, and activities for crafts such as making bead-bracelets.

Elementary students also sometimes watch How-It’s-Made Videos on YouTube to see how products are manufactured. In this process, they are taught broad elements of supply chain, engineering, product development, supply and demand, and economics.

What are your teacher to student ratios?

We follow strict licensing protocols regarding ratios in the state of California. In the Infant Classroom, we have 1 teacher per 4 infants. In the Toddler and Preschool Classrooms, we have 1 teacher per 12 students. In the Elementary Classroom, we have 1 teacher per 10 students.

What do I do when I come and leave each day?

When you drop off and pick up your child, please sign the sign-in sheet at the table beside the front door of the school. You will be assigned a code to enter the building. Please greet your child’s teacher and spend a minute discussing your child’s progress or daily update. Please don’t forget to pick up your child’s jacket, lunch bag, bottle/cup/Thermos, and any papers given to you by your teacher.

Can I bring food for the other students or teachers?

If it is store bought and prepared, yes. You are more than welcome (and encouraged) to bring cookies, cupcakes, donuts, pizza, muffins, granola bars, protein bars, cut fruit in the store packaging, and anything PACKAGED. Please ask your child’s teacher how many students to provide for.

Due to concerns of the spread of COVID-19, flu, and various contagions, we do not share homecooked foods with other students or teachers. Please don’t take it personally. Even teachers are not allowed to have a potluck due to concerns of sickness. We are trying our best to keep our community healthy at Nadia’s Montessori Childcare.

Please be mindful if you bring food for the classroom, that you bring enough for all the students.

Can I buy gifts for teachers?

It isn't necessary, but if you feel inclined to gift a present to a teacher you are more than welcome to do so. Especially during Teachers’ Appreciation Week or during the holidays, teachers do receive gift bags, gift cards, and other items. Sometimes teachers receive things such as: lip balm, Starbucks gift cards, chocolate, candy, keychains, mugs, etc.

Can I donate something to the classroom?

Yes! Many of the items in our school have been donated by parents. We prefer new or gently used items that help upgrade our school.

Parents have gifted us art supplies, toys, playground playsets, instruments, and so much more. If you have items in your possession you would like to donate, ask your child’s teacher if we have any use for it! Please ask. It isn’t necessary to buy gifts, but if you are feeling generous and would like to buy something for the classroom, please ask your teacher what the classroom needs.

Donations do help the school grow. The children feel a rush of excitement any time there are new materials they get to use. We are always bringing new materials into the classrooms!

How big is your staff?

We vary between 10-12 employees, not including our van driver, independent contractors, and nightly cleaning crew. Yes, we are hiring teachers. Please call us to arrange an interview!

What updates have you recently done to the school?

We recently had a brand new roof installed, our floors replaced and/or repaired, new door installed in toddler room wall to access bathroom, new cupboards installed in toddler room, new bookshelves for preschool and toddler rooms, and dozens of Montessori activities for the classrooms.

Our infant room has a newly constructed sleep area with a transparent door and a matching shelving area with new toys.

We added a computer and tv with hookup technology to our Elementary room, new tables and chairs for classrooms, new storage shed, new artificial grass for outdoor play areas for young children, new murals being painted, several new classroom furniture pieces, supplies, cubbies, cabinetry, original artwork, rolling storage units, and so much more.

Our goal is to keep this school looking clean and beautiful while providing an inviting atmosphere with fun, academic tools for learning.

How much is tuition? When is my payment due?

Please call our Office for details. We accept Zelle, cash, and check. Pricing varies depending on the child’s age, needs, hours at the school, and number of siblings attending the school. We can be reached at (909) 964-0442.

Do you accept any low income government programs?

Yes! Nadia’s Montessori Childcare definitely accept low income affordability programs that are compatible. If you are looking for low income daycare or private preschool in Chino, you may be eligible for governmental support to pay your tuition. Please call for details or see Financial Aid options.

Where do I park?

We have a private parking lot in front of our school on 3rd street. You can also park anywhere on the street, including in front of residences near our school, as long as there is no red paint on the curb.