We are hiring teachers and enrolling new students ages 2-5!

Nadia's Montessori Childcare in Chino, CA

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Photo and Video Gallery

Choose a category below to see our classrooms, students, and outdoor activities. If you would like to see our school in person, please contact us to arrange a tour. We welcome you to our school!

View Our Classrooms Here (Classrooms, Outdoor Activities, Building Features):

View Our 2024 Graduation Event:

View Our 2023 Christmas Event:

View Our 2023 Thanksgiving Event:

View Our 2023 Halloween Event:

View 2023 Classroom Life at NMC:

View 2023 in Ms. Isabella’s Classroom:

View Our 2023 Graduation Event (Students, Teachers, Parents):

View Our 2023 Easter Event:

View 2022 Montessori Curriculum (Students Doing Montessori “Jobs”):

View Our 2022 Thanksgiving Event (Students, Teachers, Special Guest Performers):

View Our 2022 Halloween Event (Students in Costumes):

View Our 2022 Easter Event (Easter Egg Hunt and Group Photos):